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Dekinidus li Keretal by UltimateRidley Dekinidus li Keretal by UltimateRidley
Most of you who are reading this are not familiar with this creature. I'm just going to assume that a negligibly small fraction of you are. But this is a "modernization" of Dekinidus, aka The Failed Experiment. Modernization in that it was digitally colored and actually has a full background.

This one should be more accessible to most than the traditionally drawn version from 2010, considering this one isn't bleeding out his guts (though the last one wasn't labeled mature given the circumstances).

The creature's backstory is a bit revised as well. The body you see is actually just its body, which itself was a totally failed genesis project held by Prophet Kraudulus, whom was trying to breed a creature with a "built-in support stick" (invertebrates required a support stick to stand upright), also known as a spine. As you can see, he succeeded in doing that, but everything else was just a mess of genetic fusions of various invertebrate creatures. Before finishing Dekinidus, Kraudulus realized that it was a failed experiment, and so he locked it away in his private chambers to starve (it lacked a stomach and/or a digestive tract). The beast was visited by Kraudulus's later-made success, Scaladius, constantly. Scaladius was in awe of it.

Scaladius, over time, crafted Dekinidus's brain using parts of brains of great invertebrates. What he did not realize is that this indirectly led to a wandering conscience to be trapped and forever bound to this body. What that conscience was, however, is a huge spoiler.

He is currently locked away in Kraudulus's ancient chambers on the Rahtourian landmass of Nærta. Nobody but Scaladius knows how to reach him, but he knows how to contact everybody else, and he doesn't have to move a single inch to achieve such. Also, the fire is an eerie green because Dekinidus wants it that way.

In the older pic, Dekinidus was bleeding his guts out, was crying, and he had less secure shackles (these shackles are so secure, he has bloodstains from trying to escape). It also lacked a background due to the fact that I could not draw backgrounds back then.

Also, did you guys notice who was in the background? If this is the first deviation by me that you ever saw, and chances are that this is the case, you wouldn't know, so lemme help you out a bit there: [link]

Tools used:

Outlines: 2H Pencil, Sharpie Medium Point Pen, Adobe Illustrator (for converting the lines into vector graphics)
Everything else: GIMP
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I am not familiar with these characters or series this is from, so the impact of the piece is lost on me. Despite that, however, I can tell you took the time to try and detail the monster; this makes the creature more believable as a experiment, where featuring the individual segments of the creature is essential to giving the necessary impression. The dark, sinister atmosphere helps add to the abomination.

While the creature itself is detailed, I would have liked to see more detail in the structures and in the character standing in the background; as is, the picture focuses almost too much on the creature, and not on the place it was created or held captive.

Overall, the effort is there and recognizable, and I'm sure fans of the series can appreciate it even more for what it is. Good job. :)
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CourtneyLynnWashburn Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Student Filmographer
I really like the monster there is so much detail there, the ribs are very cool. great job :)
Brothers-of-Light Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2012
nice work mate
Jeticus Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Good god this is epic.
UltimateRidley Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! :D
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February 15, 2012
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